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Circular Associations - B - Infinity
Using source PNGs from here, I was playing with the idea of multiple copies of a shape, because that’s what I saw in the shadows that I created for “Circular Associations - B - Multi-Shadow”. How did I make this one? I took that first plane, and applied an Array Modifier, using an Object offset, which translated and rotated each instance. Then it was a matter of adding some Glare and playing with Curves on that output to produce the blingy result we see here.
More variations incoming… but… uhh… I don’t know how many of those will be able to top this one. The Processing designs get a little more intricate, but I’ll have to get really creative with the Blender/post processing parts of those ones to reach the high standard this variation has set.
This GIF is one in a set named “Circular Associations”
“Every one of us is, in the cosmic perspective, precious. If a human disagrees with you, let him live. In a hundred billion galaxies, you will not find another.”
- Carl Sagan (Cosmos)
Which psychedelic cat do you like most?  My personal favorite is the derpy one right in the middle.