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psychedelicacies - My puppy came down with Parvo :*(

My puppy came down with Parvo :*(

Four nights ago, I thought he was going to die.  I told Santa and the Universe that all I wanted for Christmas was a healthy puppy.  Then it was a rough ride but my little miracle is now holding down fluids and eating solids again!!!  Probably only one more sleepless night to help him stay hydrated and then my energetic, loving and snuggly pup will be back to normal!!

I am truly so grateful and blessed for this beautiful gift. <3 <3

PS.  This is also the reason why I haven’t been on the last week or so.  Sorry followers!  I love you all!!

  1. realoranillusion said: I know what your going thru, i actually lost a puppy to parvo =/ it was horrible and sad it just breaks your heart. Your puppy is a trooper, hang in there the both of you =]
  2. katleann said: I’m so happy everything turned out alright for you. You’re a beautiful person and you deserve the best<3
  3. tom-john said: Glad he is getting better
  4. bikerhm said: I hope he stays in the better condition he is now. Parvo is a really fucking serious disease for dogs.
  5. drunkenbanana said: Positive thoughts in your direction! <3 We’ll all wait patiently here for your return. ;) The best of holidays to you! xx
  6. cryomachina said: rip original carl sagan, we wouldn’t want the other one to go
  7. sleepypsychedelia said: Sending good vibes your way dear <3 hope he gets better soon! :)
  8. coniunctio said: That happened to my brother’s puppy about a month ago. He also survived. I am very happy you got the miracle. :)
  9. meekwarrior said: Good luck!! Nothing is worse than a sick pet. I truly hate it. Sending positive vibes your way <3
  10. watchingtheplanets said: i hope he gets all better!
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